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A Region with a special light
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Solid traditions, a hospitable, proud and determinate character. Land of Poets, Philosophers, Composers but not only. Basilicata is dazzled with a special light.

The light of an uncontaminated nature, wide and open fields, gentle hills but also
mountains with intense landscapes.


The light of the sea, or rather of the two seas, with crystal clear waters and
beaches still not very crowded.

The light of ancient cultures, flavours and traditions to be experienced, all to be discovered.


The light and the colours of the popular festivals, of the historical celebrations, of the eno-gastronomic routes capable of transmitting strong emotions.

A Region that knows how to surprise, in every season, with cultural visits, nature excursions, skiing, trekking, rafting, sea, adventure parks and archaeological sites.
Authentic and intact places, where it is still possible to go back in time.

12 attractions not to be missed in Basilicata

A land to explore

Basilica land of Castles

Each castle with its own history and a legend to discover

Lavello and it’s surroundings

Small towns, great traditions

Flavors and traditions, excellence of Basilicata

Tastes and emotions to savor

A Region with a special light

Capable of surprising

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