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Basilica land of Castles

Basilica land of Castles - photo 1
Basilica land of Castles
  1. 1.     Brienza


The imposing remains of the Angevin castle dominate the village. Reconstructed in 1571, it remains traced in the cylindrical keep, which emerges from the massive bulk, and in the circular semitre, located at the center of the walls to ensure a more effective defense. From the singular, almost triangular shape and on three floors it has a majestic stone staircase, open to the sky, which leads to a terrace on the embankment. In summer it is home to historical events and re-enactments. Absolutely to visit.


    1. 2.     Valsinni


The sweetest and most poetic of castles. You can see it from every side and from many kilometers away. Built shortly after the year 1000 on a pre-existing Longobard fortification, today appears Aragonese and its most illustrious owner was the poet Isabella Morra di Valsinni, that still today is said persists within its walls.


  1. 3.     Bernalda


Built in 1470 by the founder of the village, Bernardino de Bernardo, The Castle was the incipit for the construction of the entire village. Consisting of four circular bastions and a square tower, it currently has only three towers that have fortifications facing both the structure and inside the castle. In the inner part of the castle there are several tunnels, one in particular reached the Basento Valley and was an escape route in case of siege.


  1. 4.     Miglionico


Said of the "Malconsiglio" “Tha bad Advise” because of the barons that conspired against the king of Naples Ferdinando I of Aragon in 1481, it was built by the Normans in the eleventh century and you can see their style in the square side towers. Inside, it is reworked and divided, but the charm of this mighty castle, stable and threatening, remains unchanged.


  1. 5.     Matera


Built in 1501, the Tramontano castle, named after the town's feudal lord, is majestic and well preserved, situated in a panoramic position in the centre of the city of stones “Sassii”. In Aragonese style, it dominates the valley of the river Bradano and has two cylindrical towers interspersed with a huge circular tower. The form is quite rare for the time and this depends on the fact that the feudal lord imitated the Angioino of Naples but did not have time to finish it.


  1. 6.     Genzano di Lucania


While in the centre of the village there is the eighteenth-century castle that today is the Town Hall, in the neighbourhood there is the castle of Monteserico where the Byzantines were defeated by the Normans in 1041. Widened by the Svevi still has remains of the original architecture with barrel vault and in its basements it is possible to visit prehistoric caves, the first dwellings of the Basiliani monks.



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