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Treatments and relax

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Treatments and relax

The best formulas combined with the best techniques to get the best Treatments. This is how Clarins answers to every need for your beautiful skin and for the wellbeing of your body.

High performance formulas derived from plant extracts, professional therapists, skilled hands….



FACE (min. 50)


• Ultra-Hydrating

This Treatment helps to stimulate the skin’s natural hydration process. For softer and more comfortable skin.

• Totally Gentle

This soothing and SOS Treatment was designed for fragile and weakened skin. It repairs and rebalances the skin’s natural defenses.

• Youthful Lift

Hop tree extract is known for its energizing and skin-firming benefits. A spectacular youth-boosting effect for smoother and firmer skin.

• Radiant & Pure

Tanaka is a Burmese tree renowned for its soothing and purifying properties. For a more refined and brighter skin

• Facial for Men

Complete Treatment to hydrate, purify and detoxify skin. Facial features are relaxed and firmer



BODY (min. 50)


• Contouring body Treatment

This Treatment is for those who want to slim down and remodel their body’s silhouette while gaining a real feeling of lightness. Toning and slimming

• Firming body Treatment

The perfect Treatment to restore skin tone and streamlined body contours, along with soft, supple skin. Attain a firmer and more toned skin

• Moisture-Relax-After sun Treatment

A wave of hydration and comfort for thirsty skin that becomes more comfortable, supple and thus more resistant to external aggressions. Recommended for after exposure to the sun

• Exfoliating

Exfoliating is an absolute ‘must’ Treatment before any further body treatment because it helps product absorption and increases product effectiveness. The skin is softer, smoother and firmer

• Mother-To-Be Body Treatment

Preventive treatment that prepares the body for the changes during pregnancy. It helps to prepare the skin to support the distension and prevents stretch marks.




Art of Touch (min. 90)

A complete rebalancing sequence for the face and body composed of three energizing touches. It relaxes, revitalizes and regenerates from head to toe.
Relaxation, release of energies, then total well-being…your dedicated therapist carries out in three steps, three targeted massages:
the balancing touch, the stimulating touch and the enveloping touch.




Extremely targeted treatments to respond to every beauté concern.


• Beautiful Hands Treatment

A rejuvenating, pampering Treatment for flawless, soft, smooth hands and stronger nails.

• Beautiful Feet Treatment

A comforting, pampering Treatment for flawless, lighter-feeling feet, followed by a hand and scalp Treatment.

• Back Relief Treatment

A deeply relaxing treatment to relieve all feelings of tension. Immediately calms and soothes.

• Lighter Legs Treatment

A refreshing treatment that relaxes and relieves tired, heavy feeling legs.

• Smooth & Luminous Eyes Treatment

A complete anti-ageing treatment for visibly more youthful looking eyes and an enhanced eye area from temple to temple.

• Refined Waist Treatment

This specific treatment helps drain, shape and firm the abdomen, waist and hip area with visible, proven results.

• Neck & Shoulders Relief T reatment

Relaxes and removes feelings of tension that accumulate in the neck and shoulder area.



Clarins massages involve highly precise movements carried out by expert hands .
This is combined with the effective action of exclusive skin care products which use the exceptional aromatic and phyto therapeutic powers of essential oils.


• Rebalancing Massage with Essential Oils

This massage is based on the six fundamental forms of touch. Carried out with “Tonic” Oil to stimulate the body and soul
or “Relax” Oil for a feeling of complete relaxation.

• Melting Honey Massage with Hot Stones

Body-hugging movements using Honey Massage Gel “Relax” are combined with hot, polished marble and slate stones to promote more than just a feeling of warmth.
The stone’s studied shape is adapted to different parts of the body and prolongs the hand movements to drain, soothe and energize.

• Sport Massage

Toning and relaxing massage recommended for athletes. Before sport, it relaxes by optimizing muscle response.
After sport, tension and contractures are dissipated, allowing a better recovery of muscles and joints.




Ideal treatments with essential oils to banish stress and restore well-being and harmony to body and mind. Indulgence treatments for silky skin.


• Body Wrap Relaxing

This gentle wrap is based on green clay and essential oils. It has a remineralizing action on the skin and promotes a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Skin feels silky
soft and comfortable. To combine with Firming Body Treatment.

• The Detoxifying Body Wrap

A deeply purifying wrap based on red cranberry, raspberry and rice powders. It helps refine contours and leaves the skin soft and firm.
To combine with Contouring Body Treatment.

• The Detoxifying Body Wrap

A deeply purifying wrap based on red cranberry, raspberry and rice powders. It helps refine contours and leaves the skin soft and firm.
To combine with Contouring Body Treatment.




Two head-to-toe treatments created to make you forget the harmful effects of stress

• Beauty Sleep

A calming journey for the skin, mind and senses. The Treatment induces a deep sound state of total relaxation and helps with a complete renewal of the skin.
Stress levels will be reduced and quality of sleep will be improved.

• Rise & Shine

A stimulating Face & Body Treatment that will lift your spirits and help you feel recharged, invigorated and ready to take on the challenges ahead.
It will leave your skin radiant and dewy.




• Basic
Access to the Spa Circuit with Jacuzzi, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Icefall,
Rasul, emotional showers, salt room, relax and cool off in our Herbal tea room.

• Exfoliant
Access to the Spa Circuit with Jacuzzi, Turkish Room, Sauna, Icefall,
Gommage Moisturizing Exfoliator in Rasul, Emotional Shower, Argan Hydration, Relax
Saline, relax and cool off in our Herbal tea room.

• Olistic
Access to the Spa Circuit with Jacuzzi, Turkish Room, Sauna, Icefall,
Toning Gummming in Rasul, Emotional Shower, Aromatca Hydration, Saline Relax,
relax and cool off in our Herbal tea room.




• Massage With Scented Candles (min.50)

The romantic atmosphere of the candle massage is perfect for couples who want to indulge in a relaxing getaway in a world of  wellness

• Ayurvedic Massage With Pinda (min.60)

The Ayurvedic massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, has a beneficial effect on  the vertebral column, tones the muscles, positively influences the psychic wellbeing  of the person.



Pamper yourself in a sweet honey escape with your partner. This package is specifically thought for you, your spouses and your well-being. The package includes two thermal paths, a couple massage and the final relax and cool off in our Herbal tea room and fresh fruit.




Treatments and relax - photo 1

Wellness, one of the central themes of our hospitality.

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